Cali Coast #6: North

Golden Gate Bridge, Fog

We left San Francisco after two beautifully sunny days, finally experiencing the famous soupy fog (I was beginning to think that it didn’t exist!). North of the City we cut over to the coast on Highway 1 and began what was my absolute favorite section of the coastal drive. People faded away and the roads quieted down from the bustle of summer tourism–I guess people don’t really come this far north.

In one last hurrah to the coast, we stopped in Tomales Bay at the Hog Island Oyster Company for lunch. I may be a thoroughly East Coast girl, but I have to acknowledge that there are few things more delicious than a Pacific oyster fresh out of the water. I could have sat there all day sipping bubbly and chatting with the farmers about the different breeds they raise out there, but alas the road called.

We were due in Redwoods that evening and had a lot of (beautiful) miles between us and our campsite. So we wound our way along the shore through golden fields and happy cows, wildflowers clinging to cliffs and seals sunning themselves on rocks below. Little did we know that passing Confusion Hill as the afternoon light sank behind the ever-taller trees that we’d end up almost out of gas driving circles around the park searching for a mythical campground, but we made it there safe and sounds. Eventually =). Trees of Mystery, indeed.

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