A welcome break

They’ve been promising rain for weeks, and we need it. Even with last year’s downpours, Texas is still in the middle of a huge drought, which a lot of people forget. We haven’t had a really good thunderstorm all spring, and without the release of static electricity there’s a sense of tension that builds in the landscape until the earth crackles.

Well, that’s what I’ve been feeling lately, so the earth must obviously feel it too. I stopped in the half-light that filled my bedroom this afternoon and just stared out the window at the storm, listening to the layers of sound that signify its power. I forgot about the assignments that are due, the forms that need to be postmarked, and the lists of tasks that have accumulated this semester. I forgot about class and my cat’s allergies, forgot about people for a moment. The storm broke over our tiny house and I let myself be engulfed in it.

I’ve missed that.


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