Spring Arrives in Central Texas, 2012

What flows beneath the crackled bark?
What hides under the sandy soil?
What emerges from knots of thorns and spines?
What races downstream when the creek beds brim with muddy water?

Setting the Scene

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Images and Essays

  1. McKinney Falls State Park, Lower Falls
  2. Spring Terrain #46, Sophora secundiflora “Texas Mountain Laurel”
  3. Spring Terrain #68, Sedum nanifolium
  4. Spring Terrain #62, Ulmus crassifolia “Cedar Elm”
  5. Spring Terrain #89, Opuntia engelmanii “Prickly pear” & Tetraneuris scaposa “Bitterweed”
  6. Spring Terrain #64, Lupinus texensis “Bluebonnet”

In the Field


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