Artist Statement – Urban Growth

Urban Growth

The urban landscape may not always be ordered and precise, but it is clearly built on strong lines and a vertical structure. Plants too have an ordered structure that reaches to the sky in search of sun and open space, a structure that bends, bifurcates and develops according to a different geometry than the city. Humans inherently try to impose order on systems as they construct cities and civilizations, just as nature creates and refines its own order in response to infinitely variable ecosystems.  In this blurred boundary of order and chaos, growing things compete with man-made structures for dominance, search for sustenance in harsh conditions or strangely echo the shapes of the city.

Sometimes these two seemingly antithetical landscapes come together to compliment one another—plants do not often thrive in a city, but in hidden corners, on rooftops, stoops and some of the city’s parks, these two worlds overlap. This relationship between the organic nature of green spaces and the imposed, constructed nature of the cityscape can be confrontational, playful, unexpected, but most of all a beautiful and essential part of urban life.  I love to discover these relationships and watch them develop. This project captures the interplay of plants and the built environment at the height of summer in New York City.


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