Trying to be present

Cervantes is pawing at the front screen, trying to get outside into the golden air that is this afternoon. I was just out there myself, so I’m taking a break in my shady living room. I get it though, the desire to be out among the sounds and sights and textures that is Outdoors. Cervantes, though, … Continue reading

Se acabó el semestre

Another year done, and it dawned on me that I’ve now been a Texan for as long as I was a Floridian, a somewhat unsettling fact. Putting down roots anywhere makes me freak out, and the fact that I’ve got about four more years here in the Heart of Texas is a little crazy. Strictly … Continue reading

A welcome break

They’ve been promising rain for weeks, and we need it. Even with last year’s downpours, Texas is still in the middle of a huge drought, which a lot of people forget. We haven’t had a really good thunderstorm all spring, and without the release of static electricity there’s a sense of tension that builds in … Continue reading


Several months back, I went to Mexico to visit some old friends. Okay, it was kind of a long time ago, but whatever. It takes me kind of a long time to get my shit together, and that’s just the way life goes. In any case, on one of my last days there we organized … Continue reading

DF Deliciousness

Mmmmmore food! Upon arrival in México, la capital, DF, Mexico City, Ciudad de Mexico, or wherever the fuck I was, I immediately continued to eat. Best. Vacation. Ever. My hosts whisked me away to Eno, a hip sandwich shop in their Polanco neighborhood. I have learned that in today’s globalized world it is possible to … Continue reading

Dónde estoy?

It is pretty confusing being in Mexico and talking to people about where you are. I *thought* I’d learned from my friends back home that proper nomenclature for the capital city was “DF” (pronounced day-eff-ay), much like our own nation’s political center, D.C. Here the abbreviation refers to distrito federal rather than the District of … Continue reading

Oaxaca Deliciousness

We’ve already been over why I hopped on a southbound bus as soon as I entered Mexico, so the most important thing to talk about is obviously the food. Granted, it took me three or four days to remember to do my online research from both the crazy kids at Chowhound and the incomparable Mark Bittman, but … Continue reading

Why Oaxaca? Because of Tuscany, of course.

When I was a wee 20, I wrote an application for a fellowship that grants a handful of year-long travel projects with two basic requrements Your trip must have a singular, specific purposes that advances understanding in the humanities or sciences You can’t return to the US for a full 365 days It seemed like … Continue reading

Random aside

Somehow travel inspires a great deal of forward and backward thinking for me. Not sure why, but something to ponder indeed.

And now, for the grand finale

A random assortment of lists. You’re welcome. Things We Lost 1 reef flipflop (Joseph River, OR) razor & eyeliner brush (San Diego, CA) 1 liter Nalgene, bicycle hand pump (Bozeman, MT) magical quarter (unknown) tupperware container (unknown) broken dress (Jackson, WY) 2 tent stakes (somewhere in Texas?) Things We Acquired Magical earrings (Joseph, OR) 1960’s … Continue reading