Oregon Trail: Eats and Drinks

In addition to being asked the befuddling question of “red or green” in New Mexico (greatly clarified by my current classmates’ knowledge of enchilada sauces), we did our best to eat like the locals.

As many of you know, a trip just wouldn’t be a trip if it didn’t center around epicurean themes. Thus the next infographic shall be an expression, as Slow Food says, of our efforts to experience traditional and regional cuisine.

The Best of Local Foods*
TEXAS: breakfast tacos, Ft. Stockton

NEW MEXICO: flat enchiladas with Hatch chile sauce


  • dungeness crabcake, Monterey
  • shrimp, Monterey
  • date shakes, Dateland
  • carne asada fries, San Diego
  • fish tacos, San Diego
  • avocados, Big Sur
  • strawberries, Watsonville
  • artichokes, Castroville
  • oysters, Tomales Bay & San Louis Obispo
  • sage honey, Watsonville
  • salmon jerky, Klamath


  • cherries…off the trees!
  • huckleberries, Hood River
  • raspberries, Hood River
  • Stumptown coffee, Portland
  • sweet onions, Joseph
  • elk & deer pepperoni, Joseph


  • antelope, Gardiner
  • buffalo, Gardiner
  • tater-pig, Bozeman
  • goat cheese, Bozeman

Best restaurant meal: Pok Pok, Portland, OR
Runner up restaurant meal: Nayarit Taquería, Durango, CO
Best campsite meal: Baba ganoush, swiss chard, rice pilaf and river-chilled lambic, Biterroot-Selway National Forest, ID


*Not necessarily grown/produced within 50 miles, but generally so. Absolutely characteristic of the place. 


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