Some stats, somewhat belatedly

I’m a terrible procrastinator.

When I went off to college many years ago, we were required to write a letter to our faculty advisor introducing ourselves. Because Haverford is quaintly small and completely awesome, the college President reads all 300 odd letters from the incoming class.* Not only did I write in twelve different fonts, redeeming my 7th grade failed autobiography project,** I also told my freshman advisor:

My life is characterized by unfinished art projects.

I was a quirky 17 year old. Thus has it been, and thus will it ever be, I suppose. So no, I didn’t blog about every stop on the road trip, but I’d like to at least close things out and recap the greatest hits. Because it’s November, and that’s when everyone will want to read about a summer road trip, duh.


Oregon Trail: Quantified

  • Total Miles Driven: 6,704
  • Days on the road: 40
  • States traversed: 9
  • National Parks: 6  (10 if you count National Forests)
  • Campsites: 14
  • Hipster Enclaves: 7 (Austin, San Diego, Sta. Cruz, San Francisco, Portland, Jackson, Durango and environs)
  • 61: Porsches observed on the California highway between San Diego and Los Angeles
  • 3: other fun counting games to play (Count the plaid; Count the elk; name that agave/random desert plant)


  • temperature: 102°, Saguaro National Park ~1pm
  • altitude: 10,000 ft, Silverton/Red Mountain Pass
  • gas prices: $5.00/gallon, Big Sur


  • temperature: 38°, Yellowstone National Park, ~ 2am
  • altitude: sea level, Pacific Coast
  • gas prices: $3.35/gallon, Texas

* I really hope they still do that; it’s a fantastic tradition. 
** ‘Cause it’s not like I hold a grudge or anything.


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