Cali Coast #4: Central

On and on and on we went, past cows, lighthouses, arched bridges, succulents in bloom and 25 mph hairpin turns!

We spent a night on the beach just south of Watsonville, stopping by a fruitstand in the California’s agricultural heartland. The highway was bracketed by fields of strawberries, brussels sprouts and tasty tasty artichokes (nearby Castroville is the Artichoke Capital of the World, in case you didn’t know).  Apparently the rich Big Sur tourists driving back to the City (San Francisco on this coast; how disorienting!) still poach them from the fields, even though we got grapefruit-sized chokes for under $1.

Artichoke Cadillac

Dining outdoors on grilled pacific shrimp, artichokes and fresh strawberries (smoky whiskey lingering on my tongue), I got a real taste of what this state has to offer. And it was delicious.



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