Cali Coast #2: San Diego to Sta. Barbara

Our gracious hostess in San Diego told us that anything “north of the boobs” is generally considered L.A. Perplexed as to what this exactly meant, it became obvious once we passed this giant power plant on I-5. Its hemispherical structured certainly resemble part of female anatomy. So north of the boobs we headed west one last time to drive up the ENTIRE California coast.

The Boobs-L.A. stretch was (of the whole entirety of the coast) the least picturesque, but an entertaining ride nonetheless. We hit beach town after beach town full of Californians enjoying the summer weather…and also the traffic to go with a lovely Saturday afternoon along the 101.

My own personal favorite game that started somewhere in the middle of this stretch was “count the Porsches!” After one round of this game I’ve decided there is waaaaay too much money in SoCal. On a weekend afternoon I saw 61 distinct Porsche vehicles between Oceanside and Los Ageles, and three dealerships. That doesn’t even take into account all the OTHER luxury cars out on the road. Seriously, what do people do out here other than make money?

A highlight of the drive was a pilgrimage to the O.C. exterior set at Redondo Beach pier, which some short internet research informed me was not even in Newport Beach where the fictional Harbor High is supposedly located. Redondo Beach is actually in a working-class L.A. suburb, much closer to the Hollywood lots and soundstages where actual filming took place. Instead of Orange County surfers, this pier had a Chinese seafood restaurant brimming with customers seeking Dungeness crabs, rails full of fisherman (and a few fisherwoman), and a cover band getting ready to play classic rock. It was hard to recognize the Bait Shack and the diner, but I guess that’s the magic of television.


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