A very aggressive grackle

…grabbed a perfectly fried Torchy’s tortilla chip RIGHT from my basket at the trailer today.

I love grackles–for their attitude and boldness, their beauty, and in spite of their horrific calls. This particular gentleman GGGGRRAAAAACK-ed at me unseen, hopped up on the picnic table, jabbed his beak in the basket of chips, looked me straight in the eye and flew away in a huff, as if he was offended I was trying to protect my meal.

Stupefied by this audacity, I blinked several times and moved the chips a little closer. What the hell!?! Who does he think he is? Sitting there in the hot May noontime shade I realized it’s been exactly a year since I first lunched underneath these trees.

So. Much. Has. Changed.

It’s starting to feel like this city is mine (although my avian friend seems to disagree) as I recognize the patterns of seasons, the sounds and creatures that make Austin Austin and reach the end of one full orbit of the planet in this particular place.

As I finished my food, Mr. Grackle flapped by again, this time landing right below me in full view. Oh, I see, he thinks I’m a chump. He stared with one yellow beady eye, cocked his chin up in a “Are you talkin’ to me?” taunt and I chuckled at him. I’m a little wiser now, my friend. No chips for you! I may not be a local yet, but I can at least defend myself from the local fauna.


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