Let the Mowing Begin

The wildflowers have done their thing (for the most part), and strangely enough the hillsides (and by hillsides, I mean highway overpasses) have turned to seed even though its barely April. Grasses are now browning and crisping, having lived out their spring life cycle.

There was a flurry of growth, of newness and production (and since I’m living metaphorically as of late), and now it’s time to get down to the business of making order, grooming and slicing through the chaos to get shit done. Someone has been cutting away swaths of the makeshift meadows on MoPac with what I assume must be calculated mowing. I don’t know enough yet about how meadows and prairies work yet, so the process is a little opaque. There’s something about fire, renewal, ashes, and death…it’s all very dark, I know. For now, all I have time for is to observe and live through a cycle of seasons, trying my best not to be terrified of this Texas summer.

Finals are just around the corner; I’ve got more work than can possibly be expected from any one single person, and I’m trying to navigate administrative systems to check of those boxes, stack up requirements and get things d-o-n-e to move on to the next phase. Hey–there IS a next phase in my life, and I sort of know what that’s going to look like. Nice!

I’m writing again, trying to resuscitate the blog from years of dormancy…not to go all *metaphorical* on y’all again, but I’ll be testing out some new writing and images in a soft-publish to see how things feel when they’re released into the world. Enjoy!


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