Today is better than yesterday.

This has been my mantra as of late. I have decided to take up again with the blogging, mostly to chronicle this uber exciting time in my life so that years down the road when I tear my ACL again, I can remind myself exactly what I’m getting into.

NB: when knee surgery merits “excitement” for blogging, this is sad. Well, that’s not exactly fair. It signifies that I’m trapped in a room with a computer and now with an agile enough brain to want to do something other than stare at movies and/or fluff reading.

A charming smattering of this week’s goals:

  1. Get IN and OUT of bed unassisted. #2 done, still working on #1. Target: Thursday, Accomplished: Friday.
  2. Shower Target: Thursday, Accomplished: Friday
  3. Leave apartment
  4. Bend Knee: for Monday
  5. Talk to people, Target: Wednesday, Accomplished: Weds/Saturday

I knew when I signed up for this gig that things would be rough when I got home, but didn’t exactly get what that entailed. If Mom hadn’t been here, I’d be completely incapacitated. Seriously, useless.

The crazy part is that the surgery itself was totally smooth. See v. exciting knee autograph by the surgeon–wouldn’t want to go in to the wrong one! I shuffled into the OR with my hospital booties, carrying my IV and whirled around at the many, many shiny machines in this cold room, lay down under a pile of warm blankets and made what I am sure is the most pathetic pouty face on the planet when the anesthesiologist squirted a big dose of sedative. He mumbled “This is going to burn a little.” I didn’t even have time to tell him “a little!? Fucker, a LOT!” before I was out cold. I woke up in the recovery room more stunned than anything else, and sat in a row of patients for a couple hours getting my bearings before being shipped off in a cab by a nurse who lives a block from my new apartment. See you around, Eva!

Low Point: clearly Wednesday afternoon, vomiting standing up(ish) on crutches, looped out on oxycondon 15 minutes before my first non-family visitor was supposed to show up. Thank the stars the train was running late. Hell, from there, it’s hard to get worse.

Like I said, today is better than yesterday.

Putting things in perspective helps. Widening reality’s view a little more, I realize that I’ve been hobbling around on a non-functional knee for the past 6 weeks unable to really walk, let alone run or do something fun. I think that a week of incapacitation and a total surrender of bodily function to someone else’s aid is worth having a chance to get back to what I sometimes forget is a rather active lifestyle. First post-op visit is tomorrow, and hopefully that will be good news.

Hasta pronto, faithful few =)


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