Laying Low

The return of reliable high-speed internet, among other things, has somewhat diminished my desire for socialization. The characters on Lost and Friday Night Lights are so much more interesting than non-committal and/or angry people I deal with most of the day, and certainly cooler than any nonexistent romantic prospects. Relationships with actual fictional characters are easier than relationships with imaginary people I haven’t met.

It’s been great playing soccer again, especially when I get to be a bit of a bad-ass ringer, scoring multiple goals a night. Go indoor. Too bad I left this week’s game with a mild case of whiplash. Oops! The people are cool, but the late Monday night games doesn’t exactly inspire socializing. It’s okay, because I’m officially laying low.

Cervantes has to have surgery, which I can’t really afford–another reason to keep things simple. Poor guy, he’s had a rough winter with the exploding hind-quarters.

I’m having trouble motivating myself to pursue my career (such as it is), and have had quite the conundrum trying to figure out what the next step is. Well, that’s really not it…I know what hte next step is, I just harbor an unwholesome dread of the GRE and graduate school applications. Aah, the familiar paralyzing fear of rejection. Maybe if I just keep out of sight, it will all just go away?

Sounds like a plan, at least for the time being.


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