First Snow

Of course, I picked tonight to run errands and do last–minute Christmas shopping. The flakes that threatened all day came tumbling down on my umbrella while I tried to balance my work stuff and a load of goodies from Sahadi’s.

It’s not the first snow of the year tonight, but nearly that. The freakishly warm weather this week is completely messing with my head. I can’t believe that a week ago I was walking through Caroll Gardens on my way to a tree-lighting party, my footsteps muffled by a layer of white flakes. ‘Tis the season, as they say, but I’m not sure what. Blind dates? 60 degree weather? These both sound improbable, and yet…

I’m ready for the holidays, and if I could just get my damn printerr to cooperate, I’d be ready with cute holiday cards too! Grr, Epson, and your stupid drivers.

Oh, and I should mention my pre-new-year’s resolution: I’m back, posting again and trying my darnedest to do it regularly =). Hasta pronto


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