It has recently come to my attention…

…that I have sorely neglected my dearest of blogs. My unfinished South American writings languish on my hard drive, waiting for a polish, some cleaning up and a place for display.

Now that the beautiful new “machine” as my family would call it is fully functional, I’ve performed a long-needed upgrade on Amarga and given her a new coat of paint, not unlike a certain Dodge Caravan from days of old.

I haven’t wanted to be too personal lately, and that’s okay. Let it suffice to say that I’m doing pretty well still, discovering hidden corners of New York City and of Brooklyn, and trying to make this borough more of my home.

Perhaps I’ll send out a round of emails when I’ve got my travel essays ready, or maybe write something about my photography, if I can think of anything coherent to say. In the meantime, I think I will take a cue from my new roommate and just get back into the habit of writing again.


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