Too Many Responsibilities

I just need a moment for the myriad of tasks which need to be accomplished by Friday afternoon.

  • post paper 1 on internet
  • create website for class 2
  • presentation for class 2
  • give quiz on odyssey
  • fix car, which crapped out in the middle of I-95 Saturday afternoon
  • pick up fixed car
  • call parents about crapped-out car
  • organize a soccer tournament on sunday (are you fucking kidding!?!?)
  • buy candy for soccer players to sell
  • buy groceries for me to eat
  • pay cable bill
  • go out for drinks with soccer team, who won the finals on Monday night. Was that last night? What day is it?
  • check my FOURTEEN missed calls from psycho group member. I don’t think I’ve gotten 14 calls in one day. Ever. There are barely 14 people’s numbers in my phone.
  • organize “exemplary school visits”
  • give a deposition in court
  • get a substitute for the time when i’m giving a deposition
  • feed the cat
  • feed myself. shit, did I buy food yet?
  • lesson plans (ha! yeah, right. i’ll just get fired)
  • doctor’s appointment
  • get my voice back
  • get over the flu for good
  • read/post for class 2
  • teach? is that what i do?
  • sleep?
  • call dave.

let’s start from the bottom up =)


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