Getting in the Zone

There has been a brief hiatus of posting, due mostly to a large meltdown of the LOGIC BOARD of my beloved computer, and in a small part to my live-in visitor of late. The logic board Apple fixed for free, after a brief but intense self-meltdown in Kiawah when the screen started to blip, blip, magenta, green stripes, and then poof: gone! I felt hamstrung, isn’t it sad?

I officially [heart] the Genius Bar at the Mac Store in Aventura, despite all the 11-19 year olds coming in and whining because “I like, um, did something, and um, my iPod like, um, erased itself.”

I officially do not [heart] FIU, after being lied to about, avoided, and overcharged for semester I of my graduate education. I have since registered for semester II (Second Language Acquisition, and Defining Urban Education), paid my hitherto unbeknownst to me overdue tuition in cold, hard cash, and am actually mildly excited about a stimulating intellectual challenge.

Christmas break was a whirlwind without stop: Alex came down for a few sun-and-fun packed days; a quaint New Year’s in Kendall with Gemma, complete with 4 live fireworks shows; mid-term exams; the end of soccer season; another TFA program director quits (that’s three for the year); grades due (again); and finally, the implementation of the “School Improvement Zone.”

This fantastically counterproductive restructuring of 1. the school day 2. the academic calendar 3. everyone’s schedule and 4. professional development requirements. I’d bitch about it, tell you why there were 11 people in my 7 passenger van on Friday, and finish this post, but I’m off to see a matinee, and waste part of my Sunday on Ofoto, a favorite pastime. Grin.

p.s. Miss my ex-roomie like crazy, what with the new season of ALIAS kicking off and reading the DaVinci Code (finally). Sigh.


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