Educators Gone Bad

What happens when teachers get near vacation…it’s about 8 school hours until Thanksgiving break, and the mood around the apartment is getting a little unstable, as evidenced by the events of the past few days, and the forthcoming 266 NE quotations.

1. Watch Cervantes dismember a 2″ cockroach leg by leg by leg by leg by leg…by leg. The carnage lasts a full-on 20 minutes, including the cat dragging the indestructable creature around by one antenna.

2. V. Knechtel: “My new roommate Luis, who likes to cook for me, and who some people call good-looking.”

3. T. Williamson, re: trans-continental flight to “The Thanksgiving From Hell” “So I’ll have my good cheese and my nice olives, and I’ll be all like ‘Fuck you American Airlines'”

M. Ivy: “You’re flying American?”

T. Williamson: “I have no idea.”

4. T. Williamson, re: punishing kindergarteners: “Yeah, well you were going to go to the moon, but now *that* fieldtrip is canceled…Sucks to be you, doesn’t it!”

I have not yet packed, have not yet finished grading tests, and have very few concrete plans for tomorrow, save packing my gourmet travel dinner, and making it through another day at Miami Central without crying during my planning period. Because I never do that. Ever.

More anarchy today, apparently I’m an “ASS” a “LIAR” and still don’t teach anything. I love the precocious honesty of today’s children. Also a shakedown on the threshold of Rm 14 c/o 2 cops, 2 security guards, and one very angry, very overweight assistant principal screaming “Why you runnin’? Who you gonna run from?” to a very angry, very tall high school student.

Drama, always drama. One of these days, all of the very carefully leashed and hidden anger inside of me is going to come out. It’ll be on the “new New” reality TV show: Educators Gone Bad: tales from the class”


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