the world, in short, is going to hell.

I am at the *legal limit* in all of my classes except one, literally walked out of 6th period today because I could not remain in my class and not 1. yell, 2. hurt someone, 3. hurt myself/destroy property.

I voted today in Miami-Dade county, and the electoral college makes me want to hurt things/people. If Bush wins, I’m leaving the country as soon as I am contractually permitted.

My “graduate” class this evening ran overtime talking about how kids [gasp!] might not [shock!] have intelligence that registers on a “bell curve” or “IQ test.” Imagine, if you will, my fingers making “air quotes” as I “speak.” Please, visualize. Apparently, kids learn better [gasp!] when they are [shocking! scandalous! illuminating!] invested in and interested in the subject matter. When it “applies” to their “daily life.”

Fucking revelatory.

Does that explain why 30 ninth graders refuse to sit in their seats?

Does that explain why the public education system here is so fucked that it’s worse off than the prostitutes up on Biscayne underneath the Syphilis billboard [“It’s back, it’s spreading.”]?

No, it does not. More nutella, more cabernet, more sleep.


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