I’m A Jetsetting Single Mom

Uh, if you consider “jetsetting” flying out of the E terminal on Southwest airlines, and if you consider Cervantes my kith and kin. The ever growing kitten is teething, so that’s sort of exciting. I feel like such the parent; wasn’t sure if the whole tooth losing thing was supposed to happen, so that was a little nerve-wracking, but the online vet’s say that 6 months is when the baby teeth go. No worries. Disciplining is a bit of a hit and miss, but hey–that’s the way it is in the classrooom too. Spraybottle and shouting at home, essays on “why you should pay attention to directions” and not-so-much shouting at school.

About that jetsetting then…Philly was wonderful. Wonderful.

Suburban consumerism at the Gap, no less; matinee showing of Garden State (Zack Braff is *too* cool); naps; sunny tree-lined walks; Haverford in its autumnal collegiate splendor (or something); stealing a kiss or two on the Main Line after dark (scandal!); lazy Sunday afternoons at Hanne’s Breakfast Nook; Leeds suites?

Almost makes me forget Friday afternoon, when I literally stopped talking to my 6th period class because I couldn’t not yell at them. All communication took place on the chalkboard…”because verbal communication has thus far been unsuccessful, I will now only write on the board. Progress reports went out two weeks ago; if you had any questions about your grades, I asked that you come see me. Very few people did…”

Almost makes me forget the eternal flying experience; note to self: NEVER fly out of Orlando ever again if possible. Ever, in my life. Over 6 children under 3, dirty diapers at takeoff, screaming children, irritating seat companions, *no bathrooms* argh.

It was 65 when I arrived in Pennsylvania, exhausted and emotional: positively arctic.

It is now 85 in Miami-Dade, and we ate outside on this fine Monday evening in shorts and tank tops at a swanky fast-food place called “Dogma.” I sipped blissfully on an icy cold Corona as we reminded ourselves why we’re not quitting our jobs. No definite conclusion was really reached, but man are those sunsets gorgeous.

Sigh, I guess I’m back in Florida. Back to work.


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