Week 1, D-o-n-e.

Since time immemorial, Sundays have been a time of regrouping, organization, and work. Thus, in true Thea fashion, I have embarked on the great sojurn of getting my life back in order today. I have several important people to call, 2 more classes’ homework and grades to calculate, and a bunch of errands to run. However, I feel as though I’ve gotten a jump start on the day’s work, and that deserves a gold star in my gradebook.

I’m starting a small garden in the back yard of the apartment, which is interesting mostly because Design Place, like the Haverford College Apartments, used to be housing projects. Yes, folks, I’ve been living in the projects for 5 years. I dug up all manner of construction debris while trying to find some arable land for my basil and oregano. Yet dig I did, and filled a formerly concrete and sandy indention with fresh potting soil so that my herbs can survive the Florida heat. I”m shooting for pesto in 2 weeks. Shit, that means I’ll have to buy a blender. Isn’t my birthday coming up shortly?

Now that it’s nearly 11:00 pm, there have been several more tasks crossed off the To Do list: printing and mounting my Botanical Garden 8×10 pic’s, buying more school supplies, filling up the car with gas, finishing grading, calling parents, and sweeping my room (and endless and utterly futile task, but I try). Hmm, I guess I haven’t been too useless today, all things considered. I even got two of my important phone calls done, and only two more must wait until tomorrow. Okay, maybe three.

The one thing that I haven’t done (apart from find a DVD player that I can use at school) is lesson plan for the rest of the week, so I need to get ON that before it’s to late. No more sleep deprived Thea for next week, I’ll have none of that. Hasta pronto, all.


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