Anger Necessitates Chocolate

and the more amarga the better.

I have just emerged from quite possibly the most poorly-utilized hour and a half of my life. Yes, folks, that’s right. I am forced to attend professional development “classes” which are not required for my region nor school district every Tuesday night, where I can be patronized with POWER POINT PRESENTATIONS and SCRIPTED LESSONS, two of my personal versions of hell. All of this while people can spit acronyms back at me and tell me how I can use all of these things in the fall.

What irritates me more than anything else on this planet (and subsequently throws me into hyperbolic fits of fury) are conscious and deliberate wastes of time and energy. I can understand slacking off for mental health, procrastinating to sleep/do something fun, but what I REFUSE to comprehend or participate in are nonsensical, structured, scheduled events which take place merely so that someone higher up can check off a box somewhere on some arbitrary checklist (oh, and as a teacher now, I THINK I know a little bit about arbitrary assesments) and say to himself in a self-satisfied way “Yep, did that. Crossed that off the list. Whew.”

Fuck that.

Did I also mention that the sprinkler system at Fordham remains on even through two solid days of rain? Does ANYONE find that ironic? Does ANYONE want to shut it off? Jesus christ, people, there’s enough water on the grass already. Don’t drown us…I mean, it.


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