And it just keeps getting better

My meeting began with me being informed that I was the teacher with a day off on Tuesday, and thus was not required to hand in a rough lesson plan tomorrow morning. Hot damn for no homework. Time for unheard of activities such as “socializing” “calling parents” and such strange events as “relaxing.”

But that’s not even the greatest thing that happened today. What made my day was mail. I have to admit that the possibility of not talking to Dave for 5 weeks was a little depressing, and I wasn’t all that psyched about it. Saying goodbye in Miami was hard, and although I’m busy here it doesn’t mean that I just forget about him.

It sounds a little ridiculous when I explain things to people who don’t know me very well, to smile sheepishly when I talk about my signifiant other, but it’s a big leap for me to feel comfortable with that. For someone who didn’t believe that love existed outside of literature for about twenty years, admitting (or embracing) the fact that I’m in love with my boyfriend is quite a remarkable achievement. It’s not that this is a particularly recent development, but it’s not one that I have felt comfortable saying in public. To use some of Cathy’s best euphemisms, he’s “someone special in my life” or someone I’m “pretty serious” about, and today’s mail reminded me of just how great he can be. Not to be that girl and gush all over about her relationship, I feel the need to express how cool this was. I irritatingly found myself a little watery-eyed reading part of the note in the box which included

1. a NYC MetroCard, with four rides to get me around the city safely

2. Valrhona chocolate, in three different versions of amarga

40%, 56%, and my favorite, Le Nori Amer 71% cacao.

accompanying this chocolatey treat were these words [yes, I’m aware this is violating Dave’s privacy in sharing…but I don’t think he’ll mind too much, and I just have to share]:

Here is some chocolate for you. I got chocolate with three different amounts of Cacao. My initial motivation was so (sic) show off my new found knowledge of “amarga” from reading you (sic) blog and make some witty comment regarding moods and chocolate. But no wit came readily to mind, and it seemed unwise to suggest matching moods with chocolate. I now hope that since you are a multi-faceted and multi-talented person that you will most enjoy a diversity of chocolate.

How fantastic does that make me feel? I’ll tell you: fantastic. Life is good, people; no matter how little sleep I get, life is good.


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