Okay, so it took me three days, but I’m here, getting gauged for internet access ($9.95 for 24 hours?!!?) at the Radisson, downtown Miami. I felt a little embarassed giving the keys to my flaming van to the valet parkers, but hey, the guy who took my car asked me all sorts of technical questions about the paint job and told me it was “a great work of art” so that made it okay.

Spent my first night in Savannah, GA at a Travelodge on I-95, bummed around the city for a while, stopped in St. Augustine, FL and took highway A1A all the way south to Cocoa, while Mandi serenaded me with the lyrics to the new Patty song about Florida. Yay for coastal highways, Waffle Houses in the mornings, animal crackers, and overzealous cops. Yes, officer, i WAS wearing my seatbelt. Thanks.

Cocoa was lovely, bought presents at Ron Jons, of course, and then I powered through to Miami (said with prerequisite spanish accent, claro), leaving A1A after Vero Beach, ’cause I was running behind schedule.

Tonight, I met the other 60 TFA Miami members (only 5 guys, hahahahah, sucks for them) and have settled in with my roommates, all of whom were in Seville during the spring either ’02 or ’03. How great is that? Fantastic. Anyway, I’ve got to get off the internet, and get some shit done. Like find out how to get fingerprinted.


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