It’s been a whirlwind week in the life of the Williamsons, that’s for sure. I finally started work on the TFA summer curriculum, and my observations at Cape Henry went rather painlessly, contrary to my irrational sense of foreboding and my lack of desire to be in places filled with unfamiliar people. A la 7th Grade: “Thea, if I left you alone in a room full of people and came back an hour later, you still wouldn’t know anyone.” Thanks, but I think I’ve grown a little since then.

What completely made my day driving back from CHC was sitting at the stoplight at Great Neck Road. Windows down and a summer breeze blowing through the van, I turn my head to see a huge lifted Chevy right next to me, tires thicker than my body, and the full accessories package. As I wait patiently for my light, an animal sticks its head out the window. We’re thinking: “pitbull probably, retriever, maybe a German shepherd.” Not even. The demure little furry creature that peered over at me that afternoon was a purebred blue smoke persian cat. Who takes their cat out cruising? Who does that!??! I literally started laughing right there in the car. Then I thought to myself, okay, Mandi drives a truck, maybe it’s a girl in there; I could see a girl owning that cat. Not even! The light turns green, and I pull slowly by the window, peering curiously to see who is sitting behind the wheel: the stereotypical surfer-boy with blonde buzzed hair and no shirt. Mirth peals out of my happy little self as I drive away home feeling very satisfied with myself for such cuotidian surprises. Made my day, man. Made my day.

What also made my day the day before was Mom being on drugs. She had a root canal in the morning, and it was my duty to chauffer her to the dentist, because the “anti-anxiety” drug that she took was so potent that she couldn’t drive. Shit, I’ll say it was potent; she couldn’t walk down the hallway without running into doors at 7:45 am, and she didn’t even remember driving home ’cause she fell asleep in about 7.4 seconds. I was supposed to go to the beach later on that afternoon, and managed to convince her to let us borrow the nice car, complete with sunroof and CD player (it’s the little things, really), so I was all psyched. Yet, when she awoke from my nap and sat through a fashion show of my new “teacher clothes,” I realized that the medication hadn’t really worn off [when questioned about said fashion show the next day, mere looks of perplexedness followed]. Sitting at the kitchen table, we get into the usual “Welcome Home Thea” discussion:

1. Have you been to the dentist?
2. Have you been to the gynecologist?

Yes, mother. Thank you. 2.a Are you on birth control? Oh dear. Do we really have to have this discussion AGAIN? It seems as though we do. Praised be god, by the time my drugged up mother got to the statement “But you have to be protected from multiple partners!!” I hear an engine come up the driveway. Saved, at last! I excuse myself from the table and exit the room, followed quickly by the cat, ears flat back and hissing. Cathy, with slightly diminished motor-reflexes, dumped a pint sized glass of ice water on Ebony’s head. Dry off cat, dry off Mother, dry off kitchen floor, then answer door. Whew, I think it’s time for the beach.

Then on Thursday Dave migrated south, my new digital camera came in, and I started work on the car again. Memorial Day happened with *much* success and many crabs, and Alex even made it home for a bit, so all were happy. Whew.

Work continues up here in Ardmore on the car and the TFA reading, I’ve scheduled another observation on Monday, and I’ve got two glassblowing lessons coming up which should be exciting. Gotta buy health insurance, gotta pack the car. Man, sometimes I feel like a real “adult.” Scary. Alas, it seems as though I don’t have quite enough time to bring the blog up to date, but that’s a good start. Back to work, Thea.


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