a brief respite

I never figured myself for being one to echo commercial jingles, but thank god for antihistamines. Aaaaaah, Allegra!. Now that I can actually concentrate on my work, instead of taking oatmeal baths and fuh-reaking out about what needs to be done by Thursday, things are getting accomplished. Popped a couple of allergy pills this morning, got some (more) sleep, and am plodding through the CompLit rough that’s due at 4:00. I’m pretty happy with my revisions, and hope my advisors are on the same page. Ha, get it? Page. Thesis. Yeah.

tfa letters are mailed in two days. i wish my dad would STOP reminding me. =). i wish i could have dreams involving letters containing the words “Miami” and “Congratulations” but instead i sleep soundly with visions of missing planes, getting turned into a robot, and being chased underwater by sharks. no, Ms. Nurse Practitioner, i’m clearly not stressed; whatever on earth could be wrong with me?

enough with the self-indulgent posting, it’s about time i get done with this draft!


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