And today started out so well? 6 people showed up for my class at the ‘mawr ordinarily composed of 30. 3 of those present were Haverford seniors, thoroughly debunking our professor’s rationalization that everyone was “stressed” about “theses.” My ass. I’m writing two, and I still managed to drag my ass out of bed for a screening of M. I don’t understand how girls at that school seem to think that they don’t have to do silly things like “go to class” and stuff. Hi, sense of entitlement?

Then, I come home drenched because I left the damn house without an umbrella or other appropriate rain-deterring clothing. Stupid. Then, raining on my metaphorical parade (as if the less than figurative rain weren’t enough), it seems as though some people got their panties in a twist over my critical response to one dhenry’s posting. There was a point when someone quoted me quoting dave, prefaced with “I think Thea is misinterpreting what was said here…” I’d like to have a moment for the situational irony in my life generated by Brooks Ambrose. Thank you, Brooks, for letting me know that I misinterpreted my boyfriend’s statment. He (said bf) admitted that he was less than clear, and that my qualms might have been applicable. He also cleared up that he didn’t mean exactly what he said, so that just puts a delicious context on what happens next.

Things escalate, as they normally do on those blasted boards, and some freshman takes it upon himself to prove me wrong as a sort of crusade, antagonizing me with borderline insults. [Scoff]. Whatever. I ranted for a long time to EB both online and on the phone, which while cathartic, really does nothing to curb the stupidity on display on the Go boards. Oops, thanks to that distraction it’s now time to head up campus for the dreaded thesis meeting.

Graciela, while trying to not crush my ego completely, told me in no uncertain terms that if I really want to have an effective thesis, I have to re-write about a third of it. Shit. TWO WEEKS, people, TWO WEEKS. That’s not even taking into account the rough for CompLit that’s due on Tuesday. Feeling just about as morose as the weather, I trudged North to the haven of warmth underneath a down comforter in Lunt, slept for a few hours and tried to forget about that thesis for a while. While effective, my nap deadened my right arm, ’cause I crashed for 2 hours straight without budging. Why am I so damn tired?

Words of confidence from dhenry, a quick workout, and a *fantastic* dinner of willow chicken dried out my dank spirits a tad. Finding out that Microsoft Word doesn’t function on my computer quickly dampened them again. [Rolls eyes in exasperation]. Whatever, thank GOD I had the laptop here so that I could get some serious work done tonight, or else I just might have gone insane. I’m so ready for this day to be over in the next 10 minutes that it’s not even funny. Let’s hope this is not a portent of things to come this weekend; I can’t deal with that right now.


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