Intellectual Schizophrenia

And I thought it was my roommate who was writing her thesis on mental disorders…I’d like to find the person who told me it would be a good idea to double major, and shoot them. I’ve been switching academic gears within the discipline of literary analysis so much in the past 5 days that I’m having trouble thinking straight. Today, in my CompLit prestentation, I replied to my professor (who is German, btw) in the affirmative “si”, therefore satisfying either of the Spanish or Italian texts that I’m working with, but unfortunately not comprehensible in either of the languages that he speaks.

I’m splitting myself in so many directions that I just want to curl up into a ball and stay warm (not unlike I did last night, after a very frustrating 4 hours of Borges). This morning, I got up all energized and belligerent to work on the Spanish, was working well until my mindless mechanical break at the Athletic office [during which, not only did I sustain a 1/10 ratio of papercuts to envelopes stuffed and folded on a 300+ mailing, but was informed that the CHC recruiter guy called Wendy THIS MORNING, before I had remembered to email her to let her know that they wanted to talk to my soccer references. shit. I SWEAR, I’m not always this irresponsible], after which I had to switch gears to CompLit for an almost frustrating hour lunch with Sedley, formulate and present coherent thoughts for class, which energized me and made me belligerently defend my points, only to arrive at home having to finish my Spanish rough draft which is due today. Did I also mention that I wrote 17 pages this weekend for English?

Plus, in a fit of sublime irony, the mailing that was slicing through the delicate dry skin of my fingertips had to be folded along the line Please respond to me by Friday April 16th, conveniently the Spanish deadline.

Friday April 16th

[slice, stuff… ow! slice again]

Friday April 16th.

for 4 hours.

But I should quit my bitching, because I get to go blow glass tomorrow, and the world isn’t *actually* coming to an end, although sometimes it may seem like that.


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