"Ah, springtime, when young men’s fancy turns to…"

A collection of (uncharacteristically) happybubblyspringtime thoughts.

1. I wore fishnets today to class (beige colored, to be sure, but I still got some stares) in protest of the mundaneness of Mondays everywhere, which made me immensely happy.

2. Over the course of our TFA discussions I have recently apprehended that Rob Schiff attended “Lick-Wilmerding” high school in San Francisco [cf. post from September 11, 2003], which made me laugh. A lot. Puts a whole new spin on things.

3. Suburban Pennsylvania drivers are maniacs, manifested in strange roadsigns which say

Beware of Agressive Drivers
Slow Down, Save a Life

4. While running on the nature trail yesterday (which was quite squishy in parts), I passed some marshy areas, and could not remember the word “swamp.” Interestingly enough, the only thing I could think of was “fango” (which is Spanish), for a general abstract mushy ground, and “salt marsh” for the concrete image I had in my head of the only familiar swampy ground that I know. Interesting.

5. Had a great Saturday night, including substantive conversation with roomie, which made me exceedingly happy. We hadn’t just sat around and talked about books and writing for ages; reminded me of the ol’ days in 35, sigh [nostalgia?]

6. I [heart] purple buttons.

I’m going to spruce up my new/old jacket with the results of my button-quest this weekend, work on my bryn mawr film paper, and contemplate the uncanny just a little bit more. Is it wrong that I kind of like Freud sometimes?


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