Meteorological and Metaphorical Strangeness

I saw my first Mr. Robin Redbreast yesterday, just when I’d resigned myself to the fact that snow and ice really are pretty, even if they mess with my conceptions of the ‘proper’ seasons. As my ornithological parents have taught me, the appearance of my small fat feathered friend means that spring is on its way. I can’t take all these mixed signals.

Speaking of mixed signals…no, not really; I don’t know where I was going with that.

The winter weather continues, and I was informed that we’re to expect 3-6 more inches tonight, in full violation of the first day of spring. Oh well. Maybe I’ll actually get my ass out and play in the snow this time, and forget about my burgeoning writing assignments.

We’re also starting ‘La Casa de Bernarda Alba’ in tutorials, and I’m afraid that the kids won’t like it. I mean, it’s funny and insulting, and absolutely riddled with excessive metaphors, but trying to get that across might be beyond my powers of teaching. We’ll see how things go.

Speaking of teaching…just over 3 weeks till the TFA letters are mailed. Shit, that’s soon. That also means that my thesis (one of them) is due the next week. Scary. Rachael finished hers today, and I felt a little spark of sympathetic release for her, but still am quite aware of the work that I’ve still got left.

I’ve also been listening to a lot of music lately that pleases me immensely with simple lyrics. I [heart] songs that speak to ‘thea.’ Try this one on for size, c/o the iTunes network in the apartments. Frigteningly enough, it just dawned on me that “Anna’s Music” might belong to Ms. Karni, my (and sort of Klu’s, and others’) unspoken arch nemesis since Intro CompLit sophomore year. Crap. How can you hate someone who has such *hip* taste in music? The trendiness disgusts me, and yet somehow I cannot pull away. In any case, here goes:

Lemon Meringue Pie
Pulled into town about a quarter to three
Singin’ songs from Spain at the top of my lungs.
She said “hey babe” when she saw me,
I went lookin’ for her, and she went lookin’ for fun.
Dancin’ in the kitchen with a wooden spoon,
I couldn’t see what she was makin’ from the other side of the room
I took a step inside and made myself a part of that night.

…She said “you’ve always got to read the box,
But you gotta read me right.”

We made some lemon meringue pie,
And it sucked, but anyway I would make it again with you any time.
We ate your lemon meringue pie,
I supppose I shouldn’t lie, it’s the only reason that I came by

I have been thinking a lot about Spain lately, chatting with Mark about Madrid, all the hullabaloo on the Go Boards about the terrorist attacks, and how much fun I had over there last year. This evening, however, whilst licking a wooden spoon in my kitchen I thought about springtime in Spain, and I couldn’t remember any robins. Orange blossom trees, the azahar, dusty feria grounds, and tons of rain, but no robins. I guess there are some things that I missed around here in the spring, and some new things that I like even better than Spanish pop.


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