I’m so not on top of things.

Yeah, so I’m leaving school tomorrow. Maybe I should you know, pack. Maybe I should try to hand in ONE of the two thesis fragments that are supposed to be finished by next Monday. Maybe I should get on that TFA interview which takes place in, oh, TWO WEEKS.

Or I could not. I could play soccer at night, eat breadsticks in the Coop, read one of the greatest Romantic novels ever [aside: why didn’t anyone tell me Frankenstein was so good? Stolen scenes from the Quijote? Gore and psychological torture? Split identities and repressed homosexuality? Sweet.], fuck around with my new iPod, and pretend that everything is splendid.

Tutorial in 2 hours, still trying to come up with another fun activity to do before break, and after that I’m technically done with school until March 15th. Sweet.

Too bad I’ve got about 20-30 pages of revisions and writing to do for the theses, and another English paper waiting for me when I return. Perhaps it would be prudent not to think about these things right now, and turn my energies to more important things, like packing the car, remembering not to try and use spanish accent marks in html code, and fixing myself a decent Southern-style dinner.


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