Did I also mention…

That the shoes I bought on Friday are PINK ADIDAS? And that half of the soundtrack of O-11 is Benny Goodman tunes? Yeah. Thought so.

I went through the usual racking my brains for tutorial ideas today and Sunday, quickly rehearsing my answer to the usual question that I ask the girls: “Qué hicistéis este fin de semana?” and I really had trouble remembering what I did this weekend. I suppose it was because all Friday I thought it was Saturday, and everything just kind of blurred together in impromptu fun events. There was no planning, and yet everything seemed to come together; I love it when that happens =).

Saturday, after the gi-normous letdown of “Havana Nights” (let me rephrase: DIRTY DANCING-CAN-WE-PLEASE-HAVE-ONE-MORE-CHEAP-PATRICK-SWAYZE-ALLUSION-Havana Nights) during which the only pleasurable thing was watching Diego dance, and after the ecclectic roundup of the [now] usual suspects at La Casa for Jaime’s birthday party, I tried to do work. Not much work was done, althogh I did go shopping with the roomie and softball buddy, and ran into CHC Ana in J.Crew. Could I please have a few more random “people who I sort of know” references? Yes, thanks. Ten points, no a whopping fifteen, to those who can identify all of the people mentioned in the last paragraph. Kaitlyn, you don’t count.

After shopping, it was agreed upon that we should stop by ‘Bella’ the Italian “Restaurant” on the Main Line run by hispanohablantes with Greek disposeable tableware, mostly patronized by borderline alcoholic twentysomethings and out of work skater boys. Hello, out of place much? Not at all. Klu had it right: “I like beer, baseball and sandwiches. Boys should love me. Hell, I could be a boy.” Picked up two six packs with our culinary sustenance, to be used later on, post thesis-ifying at our 80’s dance pre-party.

It only takes 4 people to make a party, if you’ve got the right people. [grin]. Ouch, random non-sequiter: floss more regularly. Anyway, Saturday night was rockin,’ and I do mean *rockin’*. I bedecked myself in 80’s glory so much so that my roommate was embarassed to be seen with me. See, the cool thing about having an older sister is that I knew all about the cool stuff in the late 80’s even though I was only in elementary school. She had stirrup pants, so they must have been cool. She went to Belinda Carslile concerts, so she had to be cool. She had feathered bangs, so they had to be cool. Oh wait, no, I think we’ve all agreed that’s NOT okay.

I took my inspiration from Sarah Jessica Parker, a la “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” and wore a black mini, tights, scrunched socks, and the new old-school adidas (anyone else see a problem with this?), all topped off with Alex’s old Ron Jon’s shirt in neon yellow, pink and blue. Matching blue eyeshadow, bangles, and huge white earrings, and I was a sight to behold. Can’t wait for the pictures. Founders was actually fun, and much time was spent chasing after random seniors whom we hadn’t seen in ages.

Oscars on Sunday, eh. Billy Crystal is so funny, Blake Edwards is so the embodiment of a genius, and LOTR III (I’m sorry to say) *so* was not the best picture of the year, but what can you do?

Bringing me chronologically to Monday (today, duh). THREE days till Spring Break. Yesssssssssss. The iPod also came in the mail today, 15 GB’s ’cause that’s all I can afford, but it’s sooo pretty. Soo cute. Came in three days from Shanghai, and I tracked it twice a day on the FedEx website. Not a dork. Not a dork. Just keep telling yourself that. iPod and Girl Scout cookies from Mom in one day, intellectual validation from the English Prof, I’m doing pretty damn well. Woo hoo. Let’s hope it’s not just all in my head, and I actually *am* doing well =)


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