I feel like I’m trapped in some long-lost Borges story, living a metaphor. I’ve had a few abnormal days, what with classes being cancelled, my routine shaken up, and a few jarring events in my personal life.

Yesterday evening I got a call from my mom during tutorial. She never calls my cell phone, let alone that early, so when I listened to the message I thought that they’d heard bad news from the doctors about Dad. At least it wasn’t that. My older cousin had died of a heroin overdose the night before. It’s so hard to see drugs completely destroy someone’s life. The surreality of it was that he was so ‘together’ the last time I saw him a year and a half ago.

I had to give a presentation about semiotic theory and my CompLit thesis today, and for god only knows what reason, I took a nap before class started at 4:00 pm. I should know better. I had most of Eco’s diagrams worked out, and logical explanations for the things I was saying, all of which were lost in a haze of sleepiness in front of 7 very bored looking students and 2 perplexed professors.

It also snowed all day today, while managing to say 34, 35, and 33 on weather dot com. Weird.

My present state is (as can be assumed) that of vertigo, though for a much less metaphorical reason. In the last 5 minutes of our indoor soccer game, I got body-checked into the boards, resulting in a concussion. The event itself was rather odd, Twilight-Zone-esque. I felt it all in slow-mo, her knee go into my stomach, my feet lift off the turf, and my whole body fold over as it flew through the air into the plexiglass wall. I rember exhaling a quiet “fuck” right before my back slammed into the wall. What I don’t remember is hitting my head on the boards, rolling off of them and onto the floor. The ref and several spectators confirmed this, so I’ll take their word for it.

Needless to say (but I’ll say it anyway), I was a little woozy when I tried to sit up, which turned out to be a bad idea. After a brief period of mild hysteria and lots of blinking, I made it to our bench, and I was done for the night. An angelic Jen Trowbridge drove me home, and upon my arrival I wandered around in my soccer clothing for a while, typing incoherent things to the boy over IM and nursing a healthy teaspoonfull of nutella. My synapses haven’t quite gotten back up to speed, but hopefully a good night’s rest will ease the dizziness. At least *one* of the vertigo-inducing factors has an easy remedy.


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