I’m Meeeelting!

No, not really. At least not as bad as the W.W.o.t.W. [Wicked Witch of the West] did in her mop water.

My marathon library session this morning, which inadvertently turned into Spanish Thesis Party near the Phillips Wing, did wonders to delude me into thinking that I’m accomplishing things, and we’ll see how G. takes that on viernes, when we have the “State of the Thesis” address.

Unfortuntately, CompLit has hit a roadblock, and in order to free it up I need to free up a large chunk of time in my daily routine. Did I mention that I have no time in my daily routine? And that the college seems to think that I’m trying to cheat them out of upwards of $5,000? Yeah. It’s a good thing that the Valentine’s Day peppermint patties were on sale at the grocery store, or my hysteria might not have been subdued by minty chocolateyness. I feel as though each of the theses are alternately the ‘red-headed-stepchild’ of my academic life: that annoying thing that you just can’t seem to find time to deal with. I also feel as though the prophesied (sp?) all consuming entity of such a large writing project is beginning to emerge. I think perhaps Alex is right; I need a flow chart, or something visually comprehensible that I can wrap my brain around. Yes, that’s right, my salvation lies in the craft store. BACK TO WORK, THEA!


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