The house seems big

when you’re alone in it. I thought that I would be all psyched to be home by myself with the cat for a few days before Dad comes back and all, but an empty silent house (even our small one) is strange.

1. it is still absolutely freezing in the kitchen/dining area, which is sad, because that’s where I like to hang out.

2. television is weird. After 8+ days without tv, sitting in front of the tube kind of weirded me out. Hmm, genius, could that be partially a product of your programming choices? Note to self: don’t watch MTV shows about: teen pregnancy, eating disorders, and/or bad early 90’s movies with Tom Cruise, bad early 00’s movies with Jennifer Lopez.

3. Va Beach radio stations blow. And I mean b-l-o-w, blow. We used to have such a good indie/alternative radio station, and passable country. Fuck Clear Channel, those bastards. Now, the usually pleasurable act of driving about town to nowhere in particular becomes painful with the one busted speaker, semi-functional tape player, and (duh) no CD player.

4. it is still cold. Too cold to work on the car? We’ll see. NOT too cold for shopping…I think I might have to get out of the house for a bit. Groceries, shoes, coffee. Sounds like a plan.


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