FI-NALS, whew.

Have just spilled coffee on myself. I think that’s indicative of the mood at the moment. One should ingest the caffeine for optimal effectiveness, as opposed to attempting epidermal osmosis, by way of shirt sleeve. And it’s damn good coffee too, its a shame.

Happy Birthday Alex…it’s still Wednesday. Happy Birthday Sarah…it’s technically Thursday.

Best bad weather ever today: I left the apartment at 4:15 for a meeting with David Sedley, PhD, Associate Professor of French and master of social graces (or staring awkwardly), and Founders’ Hall was my destination. Upon exit of my abode, it was raining, with a mix of hail. By the time I reached the nature trail, full on hail was heard pitter patter on my umbrella. Ira D. Reid House, approximately 1.5 minutes later, the hail had mixed with snow, and by the time I walked in the Campus Center door to retrieve my Feria poster AND PRÍNCIPE COOKIES from Sasha Brady, goddess of world travel, it was full-on snowing.

Craziness, I tell you, craziness.

And speaking of craziness, I should get Bach to work. [Tocatta and Fugue style, to maximize productivity and get me thinking, at the very least subconsciously, about tomorrow’s Fantasia paper.]


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