"Do we walk in legends, or on the green earth in daylight?"

Left Haverford’s campus at 9:15 last night with a hardy crew of three other LOTR fanatics. Okay, 2 other fanatics, and the boy. Marni at the wheel, driving Boston-style down Montgomery Avenue, hot caffeinated beverages in hand, we arrived at King of Prussia in time to stake our claim to the first section of the seating line for the final installment of the Fellowship: Return of the King. People applauded when Orlando and Viggo had their first closeup. [Sigh.] I sat there with my iBook, typing away dilligently as news cameras panned the huge line that wound around the lobby. Even saw some hard-core costumed fans; one dubiously sober adolescent male was dressed as Sauron’s eye, carrying a 4-foot long cardboard cut out colored orange. Well done.

3 hours and 25 minutes of pure Peter Jackson magic, even if there were some *serious* departures from the book (don’t worry, I won’t give anything away), and a perfectly acceptable ending. I’m not ashamed to say I was a little weepy towards the final scenes. I, too, felt as though something was over, a fellowship was ending; three years is a long time to be attached to a concept, and now it’s over.

There’s always the extended versions! Woo hoo, Two Towers dvd. I’m so bad.

And so, running on little sleep (we didn’t pull in to the South Lot until 4:30 am this morning), but with visions of Minas Tirith dancing in my head as opposed to sugarplums, I trudge ahead on the last two assignments of the semester. Two days to go. So many things to bake, so many things to write. An aside: I enjoyed how they portrayed Frodo as the ‘ultimate tortured writer’ at the end. Everything’s so intertextual these days, I love it.

I *still* think that Eowyn deserved more screen time, dammit.


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