Today Does NOT Blow

For the following reasons, all of which are valid…

1. Classes have ended, and things are winding down around Haverford. Less than a week left. I’ve brought my plants to the greenhouse, and have begun to asess the perishable contents of our refrigerator to use them up before we head out.

2.I bought a hot pink shirt today. I [heart] H&M. Ordinarily speaking, I don’t wear a whole lot of pink; I tend to leave that up to the roomie, but I was feeling in a bright, hot, “hey-look-at-me-i’m-wearing-borderline-neon” kind of mood today and couldn’t resist.

3. I will never have to go to another Chemistry of Art Class again.

4. Chemistry of Art is over. Took my last test today, and barring meteor showers or other sorts of catastrophic cataclysms, I will be exempt from taking the exam.

5.. Did I mention that I won’t ever have to listen to another Valerie Walters lecture?

6. Helped out with production work today @ Hot Soup making punties for tumblers and such. Yay. I love glass. Plus, the artist that I was making the punties for is the guy who’s KICK-ASS pieces are up in the gallery this month.

6a. It’s good to be a cute girl in the hotshop. It’s also good to be a cute girl who catches on quickly and makes a better than serviceable punty.

7. Walked down Chestnut St. today to get to work, instead of the usual Market, and got a *completely* different view of the city. It’s strange how one block south really chages so much. Hello, only-white-girl-in-a-peacoat.

8. Have grand plans in store for rest of tonight/weekend, including but not limited to: watching a movie up in the North Dorms, dessert, finishing film paper, going to the darkroom, semiformal dance, final SFS presentation, and a good night’s sleep.

So I’m going to get on that =).


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