Today Blows, a Pseudo-scientific Proof

and it started off so well, for several reasons: it was 60 degrees outside, so not only did I get to wear flipflops, but my fun grey skirt. Had several Marilyn Monroe-esque moments on this windy afternoon which were fun. However, these things were not enough to counteract the following crappy events which shall be hitherto enumerated.

1. Received yet another job rejection. Yes, I know the economy sucks, yes, I know you have 20% more applicants this year, yes, I suck and you don’t want me.

2. Have nearly resigned myself to my boring mediocrity. I do a great many things passably well, but can’t quite manage to excel at anything.

3. It dropped about 15 degrees while I was at class, so when I left to check my mail (and receive said “wedon’tlikeyouthea” letter) I froze my exposed tootsies right off.

4. Am inexplicably tired and achy in spite of *very* good night’s sleep last night, and nearly fell asleep at work tonight in the athletic office whilst alphabetizing envelopes.

5. My room is in bad shape. I’m talking execrably messy, papers strewn everywhere, and long blonde hairs floating around due to our completely ineffectual air filter/ventilation system.

6. Need to do fucking laundry. Damn clean socks.

So I’m going to go shower, shut myself up in an exceedingly steamy cubicle for a little while, and think about my fantastic friends, both of whom I will see in a week. Some things never need to change. Some people, after having been there for you (okay, “me”, but we’re talking hypothetically here) through all the bad times and melodrama, make sharing the good times with them that much more special. A demure shoutout to Cambridge and Blacksburg, if you’re listening.


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