And the Drama Continues

I have finished with my anal, self-suffering, overly-involved power point presentation, and yes folks, all of the graphic elements have been placed to my satisfaction. In other words, I made Power Point my bitch. In some sick part of my soul, I enjoyed being able to show my creative side a little bit. A very small, small part of me.

As I walked around campus this morning, color-printed presentation grasped firmly in frozen hands ($.75 a page, are you kidding?), a fat, belligerent squirrel chatter/hissed at me from atop a dumpster next to the field house. Please, Mr. Rodent, can I steal your putrescent garbage? Yes, that’s right, get angry at me, I have central heating and baked goods and you’re gorging yourself on acorns so you don’t DIE this winter. Mmmwaaahahahahahah. [evil laugh] It’s really all about the little things in life, right?

And speaking of bitterness…the amarga quotient is dropping rapidly. I’m not talking puffy pink clouds and all that shit, but we’re most definitely down to milk chocolate range: 45-50%. Or perhaps I should clarify; while I might not be solid dark chocolate any more, it has come to my attention that the composed and tempered outer coating is melting a bit, and cracking as it goes. Think: melting peppermint patty (one of my all-time favorite-est candies). Sure, you get around the bittersweet chocolate on the outside to the sweet minty filling, but it’s messy as hell in the process and usually ends up cracking.

Or maybe I’m just obsessing because my stash of said confection has just run out, and should refrain from all further use of sweet metaphors in reference to my personality. I think that’s a good idea. Let’s go watch some O.C. now that I have kicked Chemistry’s ass. That’s a good idea too.


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