It’s Freezing

No really, I’m serious. I’m also serious about the fact that I’ve got a ton of shit to do in the next two weeks. It dawned on me today, in the middle of Senior Sem for Spanish that our final project is due a mere week from today. Oops.

Another sagacious revelation: ditto for CompLit, five days later. Next week is going to be, shall we say, interesting. Dammit, and I wanted to have fun on Saturday.

In the meantime, I wonder why my baking skills seem to have deserted me (ha, get it? dessert-ed?), and have ruined several attempts at dessert. I think that my somewhat distracted mental state has effected my ability to function with even the modicum of efficiency on which I ordinarily maintain a tenuous grasp. It seems to have disappeared sometime around the end of October, for mysterious reasons.

I also miss my cat. That’s tangential, I know.

Also tangential, if veracious, is my delight at having the opportunity for some Alias this Sunday with the roomie, of whom I have not seen much of as of late.

But enough with the procrastination, on to more agreeable things. Such as sleep.


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