Friday, Friday

It’s already dark here on Strawberry Street, and the lights of the restaurants across the parking lot are glowing warmly at Cafe Spice and Cuba Libre. I love Old City in the evenings, people all around relaxing and enjoying the neighborhood. I’ve only got one more hour to kill here at work in the studio before I’ll be able to join them.

I was out there last night as well, dining at Cuba Libre with the Advanced Intermediate Spanish tutorial, headed by the uber-enthusiastic EMJ. Dinner was, um, interesting. I wasn’t blown away by the food, and my damn salmon was overcooked from sitting under a heat lamp/plate warmer too long (major faux pas). I also thought that the freshmen were going to try and order alcoholic beverages and get carded, thoroughly embarrassing us all. But they did not (sigh of relief), and behaved themselves rather well. Dinner parties with more than 5 are just asking for trouble, in my opinion, unless everyone knows each other. Alas, Cuba Libre is indeed more about the atmosphere than the food, but a beautiful atmosphere it was.

The company was delightful, the mojitos minty, and the cafe cubano hot, sweet, and strong: just the way it should be. That qualifies the evening as a success in my book. Plus, as an added bonus, I got to wear the cool t-strap shoes in my 1950’s outfit. Leaving the apartment I asked Kaitlyn if I was “schoolteacher stuffy” or “swinger hip.” She laughed and told me that I just want to be Heather Graham from Swingers. Although the character is quite cute, appealing, I don’t think that I’ll EVER want to be Heather Graham.

And so I’m back in Philly again tonight, on more culinary adventures. The company this evening, while smaller in number, should be just as good. Let’s hope so [fingers crossed].


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