En un lugar de la Mancha, de cuyo nombre no quiero recordar…

Has nothing to do with anything, other than the fact that I love Cervantes. Well, I suppose I have been feeling slightly quixotic as of late, what with the bizarreness of gaining an extra hour of sleep, then spending 48 hours not knowing which clocks had the correct time or not. Despite various portents of craziness, this weekend was fun, action-packed, and vitamin-enriched. I spent half of it running to catch trains, the other half knitting in the studio, half pretending to do work on theses, and the rest of it sleeping.

yay for weekends, and…

* Danish glassblowers
* Kaitlyn’s mysterious dream-inducing bed

* wine and cheese receptions in the D.C. with the Spanish Department faculty; awkward much? I think so
* hot, hot, Friday nights with Sarah: white chocolate martinis whilst melting dark chocolate for walnut brownies
* “gallery openings” and a successful end to photography! yay for va beach pics
* a *fun* Haverford party (gasp!)

* 3, yes count them, threee outings to Philly in one weekend.
* Rittenhouse Square in the fall, urban activity, cannolis at Reading Terminal (as usual)
* daylight savings time, even if it does get dark at like 4:00 now

* finally getting package from parents with dictionaries, halloween costume, and new skirt; strange priorities? yes.

* FINALLY acquiring some direction, c/o visiting literary theorist, for Spanish thesis

* the online Zagat guide for Philly, and udon noodles, of course.


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