An Abundance of Conundrums

It’s become apparent to me that I have problems thinking in a linear fashion when I get stressed. Therefore, in lieu of having anything logical to say, I present, for your viewing and/or contemplative pleasure: a symphony of rhetorical questions

  • I have run out of clean socks, yet lack the necessary 9 quarters to do a load of whites. How to procede? I know not.
  • My room is frigid, and there are no windows open. The kitchen, with both windows wide open, dangerously vulnerable to squirrel invasion, is a veritable sauna. How is this possible?
  • Regardless of the amount of reading that I do for classes, I am always behind. Am I really all that much worse off if I stopped reading altogether?
  • If I have to do Wednesdays’ CompLit reading for Monday afternoons on Sunday, Monday’s Spanish reading on Saturdays and Sundays, the past Thursdays’ film reading (which I have invariably not finished) on Friday evenings, and teach tutorial on the two nights when I don’t have class, when is there time for thesis reading?
  • What the fuck is Dadaism?
  • It was 60 degrees this afternoon, and dropped to about 44 degrees over a period of less than three hours. Why does it feel like freaking winter all of a sudden?
  • How much caffeine is too much caffeine?
  • The pre-punched hole in my ID card has just broken, the cheap ass thing only lasted through half a semester. Who can I call about this? Someone needs to be bitched at.

Thank you, this concludes your random thoughts for the day. Have a pleasant evening.


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