Reasons why being back at Haverford could be dangerous to my health

1. Am overcome with desire to wear nothing but the Red sweatshirt and jeans, every day.

2. Feel compelled to listen to old school depressed Shakira

3. Feel compelled to blast old school angry Ani until my weakling iMac speakers threaten to break

4. Have selected masochistically difficult thesis topics requiring knowledge of semiotic philosopy

4a. Am not semiotic philosopher.

5. Remarked only half jokingly to roommate this afternoon that her playing songs which include the lyrics I’m gonna be lonely for the rest of my life… repeated several times in a row was not exactly beneficial to current psychological state.

6. There are still 7 weeks of school left until Winter Break.

6a. Roommate astutely obeserved that within those 7 weeks are 15-20 pages of theses each (4 total, in apartment 2C. We like to feel sorry for ourselves), two federal holidays, and exams.

7. Have given up the use of extraneous subject pronouns and helping verbs.

8. Need to sleep more.


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