So here I am, sitting in ‘the Quad’ at Cambridge, having breakfasted c/o Harvard’s dining services, and this morning while eating my waffle and coffee, I realized that I hadn’t been in a cafeteria in nearly a year. Hell yeah. Isn’t it funny to anyone else that I have to travel several hundred miles to get the college experience? Yes, yes it is.

I arrived in Boston last night, just after the Red Sox beat the Yankees, which they announced on the intercom of the commuter rail on which I rode. Spent a good portion of the decidedly gusty evening negotiating stairs with my mostrosity of a bag filled with books and winter clothes; Rachael remarked “you’re usually such an efficient packer.” Yeah, I know, but it’s tough to get shit from Virginia to Pennsylvania if it’s not in your luggage. So after a blustery reunion at Harvard Square, we headed off to Finale, the famous dessert place, for a pick-me-up. The molten chocolate cake was divine, so much so that I had to “have a moment” as they say. The whole meal was hilarious because I got an after-dinner sherry (having dined already in Providence, with Molly, mi niña sevillana) to go with, and was carded.

Reaching into my huge wheely suitcase, I dug out my green courderoy wallet a la 7th grade, and felt a little sheepish as the sound of velcro ripped across the restaurant. Whatever, man, it was like a Wednesday night and it wasn’t busy. Have decided that this weekend’s project, among other things, is to find a reasonably priced grown-up wallet.

I felt like such a business traveler yesterday, getting up and going for a quick run before catching my flight up the east coast. It gave me the illusion of maturity: a dangerous drug. From Baltimore to Providence, I saw the entire Eastern Seaboard from the air: Philadelphia, Manhattan, Long Island, and I think I even recognized New Haven. The trees are just starting to turn up here, which means that Haverford won’t be far behind as fall creeps down the coast. I’m ready for the maples to be set on fire, and for clear crisp evenings in the city. Change is good, is necessary.

Except of course, when it involves me making important life decisions. Spent too much time with Rachael pondering post-graduation prospects last night over chocolatey goodness. Hmm, why don’t I watch an Alias episode instead, and pretend like I’m going to be a secret double agent, because I’m so qualified? Klu was right, there is NO work getting done now that I’ve got Season 1 on DVD. This bodes poorly for next week… =)


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