Guilty Pleasures

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, mainly due to to me actually having things to *do* at work, and therefore not being left alone to screw around on the internet. I’ve finally started to get caught up on my work that I blew off to finish the Watson, and now that it’s turned in, I’m left with a bit of a loss. Not that I have loads of free time or anything crazy like that, but it’s just a very different “no-impending-deadlines-hanging-over-one’s-head” feeling.

Also, it means that (yes, I know this leads to trouble) I’ve had more time to just sit and think about things. It has come to my attention that I do not feel guilty about several things that I thought I might, and the things about which I do feel slightly culpable were unexpected.

Things that are NOT weighing heavily on my mind

1. the fact that I’m not playing soccer anymore (at least not for Haverford). yep, that’s right, not missing it a bit. i feel like i should be more overwraught about this.

2. last night, in a fit of girly-ness, Klu and I watched “The Princess Diaries” on dvd. Including all the special features. It’s good….I swear!

3. Haverford’s social scene blows; I mean is really abysmal, and I just haven’t had the energy/time to try and convince people to go off campus with me. At the moment, I’m to worried about reading literary theory to give a shit, but it’s going to come back to haunt me later.

3a. caveat: I do feel bad that I haven’t yet been to even ONE of the super cool bars in Old City, but it’s kind of hard to go bar-hopping alone, and I don’t have a ‘wingman,’ as they say.

So that’s about it. Life moves on slowly, and my computer printouts of readings are piling up around my bed, couch, and desk, so I think that it’s about time I do something to remedy the veritable forest of looseleaf papers fluttering about. It’s finally the weekend, and time to work.


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