Not with a bang, but a whimper

Lots of whining going on lately from apartment 14. The sinus infection continues to kick advil’s ass, which makes me sad, but hopefully my T-cells are going to get into gear. I’m loading up on vitamin C in the meantime. The “three day birthday extravaganza” didn’t turn out in exactly the way that we expected it, but as far as birthdays go, it was one of the better ones that I’ve had. And hey–the nice thing about taking it easy on Saturday night was that I was all set to work on the Watson Sunday morning. I *would* have liked to have been hit on for my birthday, but come on now people, this is Haverford.

One last whine, and then I’m done, I swear. The whole two theses thing is pissing me off, but I meekly submit to those wiser than I (aka, Heads of Departments, the college demigods) and shall indeed write both of them. The roommate helped me brainstorm last night, which was invaluable, so hopefully by the time class rolls around tomorrow night, i’ll be able to have a coherent idea to present

Now for more uplifting commentary: there were parts of this weekend that were fantastic. Really exemplary.

Part the first: had really great Indian food on Friday night with some of the girls, followed by movie night (Matchstick Men) at the old theater. Sure, I was ready to fall asleep standing up at 9:30, but we had fun.

Secondly: finally made it to the Italian Market, 9th St., South Philly. Splurged on cooking supplies, skipped the first half of the lame ass Study Abroad conference at U-Penn, and hung out with decent Haverfordians. Good times.

Thing Number 3: I played soccer for the first time in about 10 months, on a real grass field, 11 v. 11.

I can’t even fully describe how good it felt, along with a few butterflies, to carry my cleats up to Featherbed field, stop by my friends’ softball game to cheer them on for a while, and then stroll through the late summer afternoon sun to the soccer pitch.

Laced up the muddied, slightly crusty boots, knotted the laces twice, and shook out my stiff legs a bit while I shot the shit with my new intramural teammates. Then, as the kangaroo leather made contact with that slightly vinyl-coated bubble of air and synthetic fibers, crushing down the soft green grass beneath, everything rollling as one movement, I knew what I missed. Someone asked me if I missed soccer. “Haverford soccer, Not a bit. But this? This I’ve missed so much.” Being out on the field, scraping my knee trying to get a cross off, and having enough adrenaline to want to sprint somewhere, that’s euphoric.

Plus, several underclassmen (yes, I do mean underclassmen, as in boys) were sufficiently awestruck by my soccer skills, and the fact that they’d never noticed who the hell I was before. I tend to go unnoticed, so when they’re all like “what year are you?!?” It’s fun to tell them I’m a senior.

Lastly: I love the Sunday paper. The New York Times in particular, but in general, the concept of taking an hour or two on a Sunay afternoon (say, after a trip to the yuppie grocery store for expensive cheese and a sourdough boule) to just sit and read about what’s going on in the world, whilst sipping on freshly brewed coffee. That’s a good thing too.

…and before I go, life is a little more settled. Watson got in to Haverford, so that’s out of my hands now. I felt a little nauseous turning in the damn thing, since I’ve been working on it for so long, but I can only hope for the best now. School presses on, and hopefully I’ll get my first paycheck soon so that I can go out on the town. Whenever I’m through obsessing about not having theses topics, that is.


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