Week 2 Begins

It’s Monday again, and I seem to have acquired more reading than I thought I had. Not an auspicious trend to start this early in the semester, but I guess I brought it upon myself by having a relaxed Sunday. I let myself get roped into watching LOTR with my roommate on Sunday morning (with very minor protestations), and before I knew it, not only had I spent an hour showing Sevilla pictures to an alum who’s going back this week, but I was late for my darkroom time, and still without a shower.

Just for the record, Photography is hard. And it’s essentially all trial and error. I forsee many a late night in the darkroom, emerging all chemical-ey and tired with little tangible evidence of hours of work. That said, I still spent Sunday afternoon taking pictures, so it must be worth all the trouble.

It was a beautiful afternoon out on Walton field, and the men’s team did well; my photographs of them (ostensibly illustrating movement, but probably all out of focus) might not do so well, but we’ll see. Also ran into the ex-soccer coach and had my first conversation with her in over 9 months. Whew. Good to see that nothing’s changed there, and she’s still just as socially awkward as I left her =).

Ack! Where does the time go? Late for class, as usual…


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