It’s been raining now for three days here at good old Haverford. All of my class schedule books, syllabi, and other assorted paper products are thouroughly saturated with humidity, and the newly affixed pictures on my wall are starting to curl, as are the unruly flyaway pieces of hair at my temples.

Senior year begins, full of unexpected obstacles, which I should have anticipated. The entire network was infected with some virus and crashed two days before school, so nobody had internet until a few days ago…but all the professors still wanted to contact you through (you guessed it) EMAIL. Some of them are not quite as technologically savvy as we’d like them to be. Work on thesis development and fellowship applications are is in full force, the due date for the Watson conveniently falling right after my birthday [sarcasm]. Oh well, I guess I can wait until the 22nd to celebrate.

Being back in an American college setting is quite a contrast from my life of the past 9 months, and I’m not quite sure how that’s going yet. I like my self-imposed isolation in the apartment; Klu and I actually had a nice little sit-down dinner last night in the ‘dining room’ which felt relaxed and pseudo-grown-up. We’re so cool, ’cause we made gourmet salad and I had a glass of Pellegrino, perfectly chilled, to accompany it. I’m all about the little things.

Unfortunately, I am ‘all about’ the little things, and tend to get distracted quite easily from the greater task at hand. It has been brought to my attention of late that I have “unorthodox” organizational methods; when unpacking, my roommate came in to hang out while I proceeded to

1. Made a collage of Spain pictures, stopping halfway to
2. put away a sweater
3. organize my CD’s
4. make a playlist on the computer
5. put up some more Spain pictures
6. unpack my shoes
7. put away another sweater
8. reposition the couch

So I don’t exactly think in a linear fashion…It all gets done. Eventually. Most of the time. Personally, I find it charming and endearing, one of my ‘cute little quirks.’ Others may not agree =).

Since my class shedule is officially fucked (that being a technical term), today will be spent running errands in typically non-linear Thea fashion, and hopefully I’ll go to bed this evening having accomplished something worthwhile on this moist, misty September day.


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